, Gloucester, MA

April 5, 2013

Letter: Rockport candidate stakes out stands

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

My name is Don Campbell, candidate for the Rockport Board of Selectmen, and I respectfully ask for your vote on May 7.

While I appreciated the Gloucester Times editorial on March 29, “Selectmen’s choice in Rockport” and I am extremely proud of being the father of four fantastic children, husband to a very supportive wife and mother who is a very involved community member and my best friend, I wanted to take this opportunity to present you with a more detailed picture of who I am and what my candidacy is about.

In my professional life, I am the Internet sales director for a multi-franchise automotive dealership on the North Shore. Currently, I am overseeing a $5 million renovation project for two of our three stores. The first project was successfully completed, on-time and under budget last year, and our current projects will be completed in the same fashion.

This is the same approach and desired outcome that should be sought by all town projects and departments. I am a former business owner on Cape Ann who served its residents proudly and honestly as well as a past member of the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce. Currently, I am a member of the Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce representing our dealerships. Further, I proudly served with the dedicated officers of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department and concurrently, as a reserve intermittent officer with the Rockport Police Department.

We are proud citizens who live in a beautiful town and want to see it succeed in every possible way. Business owners should be able to prosper and grow unencumbered by needless regulations that are to the contrary to free enterprise.

This is not to say that there should be no oversight at all, but after speaking with merchants in town, what’s needed is a true partnership with local government sympathetic to their goals. It’s not hard to understand — small business growth equals more revenue for our town.

Let’s precisely identify and immediately fix the problems that face our community proactively on the most expedited, conscientious and legal basis possible. Then, when future issues arise, as we know they will, let’s make sure that there’s ample time for community input and thoughtful, yet expedited action.

We need to ensure that all public services — including police, fire, schools and all town employees — are provided with the tools necessary to do their jobs in the most efficient and effective ways possible. All must be accomplished with a keen eye on extreme fiscal responsibility.

This is just part of who I am and what I stand for. We will not always agree on every issue or decision, but what the citizens of Rockport will always receive from me is an open mind, open lines of communication and an honest answer. These qualities are not always emblematic of our political climate, but together, let’s change that starting right now!

Again, my name is Don Campbell, candidate for the Rockport Board of Selectmen and I’m asking for your support, thoughtful input and of course your vote on May 7 so that, together, we can make Rockport the best that it can be.


King Street Court, Rockport

Candidate for selectman