, Gloucester, MA

April 6, 2013

Letter: A station worthy of our police force

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

I have been reading with great interest and admiration about Gloucester’s new police chief, Leonard Campanello, and I welcome him to the community.

The Times’ most recent story (the Times, Monday, April 1) reveals Chief Campanello to be a very qualified negotiator. His visions for the Police Department are admirable and I think attainable.

I do have one question. Has our new police chief noticed the condition of our police station?

Perhaps he can use his negotiating skills to secure monies in his new budget to rehab the police station.

I am not sure where that money would come from, but the station is in deplorable condition.

We are already proud of our Police Department and should be able to provide our officers with a workplace that the entire city can be proud of.