, Gloucester, MA

November 2, 2013

Letter: GOP Committee endorses city candidates:

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

The Gloucester Republican City Committee, part of the Cape Ann GOP, believes that government at all levels must be held to a high standard of fiscal responsibility with taxpayer money.

With the upcoming city elections on Nov. 5, the Gloucester Republican City Committee has been watching closely for those candidates who have a true understanding of our conservative values, especially those who are responsive to the taxpayers and business community of Gloucester.

Mac Bell, who is registered un-enrolled, and who is a longtime businessman in Gloucester, understands the impact of the current administration’s restrictions on business.

He has expressed clearly that he believes the degradation of the Fuller School to be disrespectful to taxpayers, as it allowed an asset, owned by the community, to become a liability. He has also advocated lifting the DPA restrictions to allow business to grow along our waterfront, as well as recognizing that the purchase of I-4, C-2 without a development plan, and for four times its value, was an unfair hit to taxpayers. The GRCC recommends Mac Bell as the pro-taxpayer, pro-business, candidate for mayor.

Bob Whynott, lifelong Republican and member of our city committee, is an important voice on the City Council. Bob is willing to challenge the administration when it oversteps its bounds. He has promoted business development in the city. The GRCC endorses Bob Whynott for re-election for City Council at large.

Sefatia Romeo Theken, who is registered un-enrolled, and sees the need for appropriate and responsible spending of city dollars. She is an advocate for our fishing industry, and is unafraid to challenge the mayor and other members of the council. The GRCC recommends Sefatia Romeo Theken’s re-election for City Council at Large.

Kathy Clancy, running for her third term on the School Committee, is a member of our city committee. Kathy’s conservative outlook balances the liberal tendencies of our superintendent and many members of our School Committee. Her background in budget and finance aids in her respectful consideration of how the city’s money should be protected and distributed within the school budget. For those reasons, the GRCC endorses Kathy Clancy for re-election to the School Committee.

At every level of government, respect for taxpayer money and limited government intrusion is best for the economy. Here in Gloucester, the GRCC believes this election provides us a clear choice in every race on these values.


For the Gloucester Republican City Committee