, Gloucester, MA

November 2, 2013

Letter: Mac will bring city record of success

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

Until recently, what I’d known of Mac Bell was that he always found my daughter, a Glass Sailboat kid, work when she was home on school break. She admired him greatly. Recently I’ve learned why.

Gloucester has much distressed property, public and private, falling down docks and marine buildings — all the result of leaders with no answers, or maybe no vision.

The historic D.O. Frost Building lay dormant but for vision. Under Mac’s leadership and collaboration with neighbors all affected parties worked together and came to agreement and turned it into much needed housing and a revenue generating asset.

At Main Street Plaza you park your car, hit the ATM, pick up a prescription at Walgreens, a coffee at Dunkin Donuts, a pizza at Papa Ginos, or a frozen Yogurt at Orange Leaf. These businesses’ provide employment, needed services, and succeed because, under Mac’s management, they can rely on user-friendly, well maintained, well-lit, safe retail space.

Mac sees solutions to our most vexing problems. At I-4, C-2, he suggests a deck running out with a surface for civic gathering and parking below for 150 cars that welcomes tourists and embraces locals. His plan for a vital, mixed-use, deed-restricted harbor and a Fuller building that provides a vibrant campus for organizations and businesses all speak to his ability to see positive change and use existing resources.

Mac Bell is genuine, caring, and smart. Mac listens to, and can execute good ideas, formed through collaboration, despite whatever obstacles true innovation might present.

I believe he will better Gloucester. Please join me voting Mac Bell for mayor.


Hartz Street, Gloucester