, Gloucester, MA

June 17, 2013

Letter: Gomez is an open-minded choice

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

Gabriel Gomez supports what most persons (pro-abortion or anti-abortion) would consider a reasonable waiting period (24 hours) for a woman considering having an abortion so that, rather being rushed or pressured, she can make an informed decision on something that is life-changing for her and her baby.

Edward Markey, an abortion rights extremist, opposes this 24-hour waiting period. He also has an abortion rights litmus test when it comes to consenting to a U.S. Supreme Court nominee. In other words, he would vote only for a pro-abortion rights justice.

Gabriel Gomez is more open-minded. He would vote for any Supreme Court nominee he considers qualified regardless of the potential justice’s position on abortion.

If you are looking for a reasonable, open-minded candidate for the U.S. Senate, Gabriel Gomez is your man.