, Gloucester, MA

July 18, 2013

Letter: An ode to Paston Slyman's 'Musing'

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

Short time ago in Wednesday’s column

Appeared a message not near solemn

A ranting rage against some folk

Words took flight that seemed to soak

Into the very soul of heart

As if free and equal were kept apart.

The P.C. Chapel, my childhood place

I loved that church and felt its grace

How wonderful it was to know

That God stayed close, and it was so.

The Bible is my strength and stay

I know wherein I find my way

I know each story tells a tale

Of deeper meanings, never pale.

But Old Testament said

And got into our head

That God slew thousands and even worse

Abominations to abound in verse.

Must see beyond the narrow sphere

To cause the meaning to appear

That love for all is tantamount

And that for us is that which counts.

Must remember when we look back

The way things were did have some lack

Of knowledge that became a song

To straighten out what has been wrong.

Look back and seek to learn

Don’t STAY back and cause to spurn

The insight that is freedom-wise

And causes us to equalize.

Yes, look back and seek to learn

Don’t STAY back and keep the hood

On change that welcomes all who love

To know God’s presence from above.