, Gloucester, MA

July 18, 2013

Letter: Student loan rates headed in wrong direction

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

Education is the key.

It is the key to productivity and international competitiveness. It is the key to the informed citizenry that is needed in a democracy. It is the key to learning how to maintain one’s health and to planning one’s career. It is the key to success for both individuals and for countries.

We know that, but we are behaving as if we didn’t. We have laid off hundreds of thousands of teachers. More and more of our children are being taught by first-year teachers, with no experience in teaching.

We are making it harder and harder for poor and middle class students to afford college. In Canada, 51 percent are educated beyond high school, while in the US, only 42 percent are. We rank 16th in the percentage of our young who go beyond high school.

In education, the U.S. is falling behind, and now, Congress has made it more difficult for our young people to get a college education by doubling the interest rate.

Let’s do all we can to support representatives and senators who understand what is happening and give real support to education.


Gloucester and Exeter, N.H.