, Gloucester, MA

April 15, 2013

Letter: The art of acting in our everyday lives

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

All actors are not in Hollywood.

If you take actors who attend events like the Academy Awards, most all the women and some men seem to smile throughout the entire evening. They get exhausted, physically or mentally tired, not realizing that smiling all night can take a lot of energy and be very taxing. No matter what kind of function they attend, acting throughout their lives wears them out.

Now, I will talk about other “actors.” When a baby is born, boy or girl, his or her habits are the same. They act their lives away, the way they walk and talk through their lives into adulthood. It is not easy to be yourself.

Trust me, no matter where you are, it’s fun watching people “acting” and doing their thing. It’s not bad to be acting; it’s the way of life and you have to contend with it.

Much of my pasttime is going to the store Tedeschi’s and seeing a lot of “actors” day and night. Sometimes I break out laughing to see them in action.

I enjoy myself throughout the day, and the best thing is, it does not cost me a dime — other than the money I lose on the Lottery’s horse racing, MassCash and Powerball games.

Yes, I meet a lot of nice people playing the games; it’s fun just to be there and talk to everyone.