, Gloucester, MA

November 28, 2012

Letter: On the historical carousel

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor,

I hate being a pest, but, with our economy in the tank, sinking fast, there’s a front-page story on how Rockport Town is going to raise fines on merchants, trying to keep their small shops open, even though the summer tourist season is over — however the mild weather, keeps bringing folks to visit.

Small businesses are getting whacked by the federal government, and here locally, Rockport Town is getting in its licks. Instead of a fine for outdoor display, why doesn’t Rockport Town issue a permit for an outdoor display area, based upon the square feet it will use, and set a fee according to the footage requested, within limits, of course: say $2 per square foot requested. Everyone wins. And our freedoms as a constitutional republic are upheld.

Mr. Faro is right in his opinion of the erosion of our constitutional liberties. It began in 1961, with a single judicial over-ride of the First Amendment: That was the little remembered Supreme Court decision, citing secular humanism as a religion. Ever since, at this particular time of year, We the People allow government to dictate what can or cannot be displayed, or presented, or allowed, in our schools, or any other state entity. I could make a list of examples; however space does not permit such an exhaustive list.

But just three examples will suffice. The “Bush” tax cuts,” that in just two years took unemployment from more than 7 percent to under 5 percent, then came the president inserting himself into “Fast and Furious.” And then secondly ignoring Congress and ordering by fiat, his own version of the “Dream Act.” Third and hopefully last, the willful withholding of the truth about why four Americans on American soil had to die at the hands of terrorists — the third such terrorist attack on American soil, under this commander in chief, that believes he and his associates are above the law! Forgive my anger folks, but I grew up in the “Land of the Free!” And would like to die there of natural causes!

Gerald Mahieu

Langsford Street, Gloucester