, Gloucester, MA

November 7, 2012

Letter: Assuring city's voting accuracy

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the Editor:

On the morning of Nov. 7, 2012, there are some people who are disappointed, upset, or even angry about the results of the election, but there is good news for everyone who voted.

On Oct. 25, I was invited to witness the testing of the Accu-vote tabulators by Marie Giambanco.

Ms. Giambanco is the assistant registrar for the City of Gloucester. She had prepared 50 sample ballots and then recorded on a very large master sheet how each ballot had been marked for voting. She covered all races and issues.

The first machine identified a recording error that was corrected after comparing the ballots to her record. Once the correction was made, all the totals were in agreement. She and her assistants tested all the tabulators and they were in perfect agreement with each other and her master record.

She put a lot of effort into getting everything set up so she could verify results and validate the machines. She had the assistance of a few volunteers and they, too, deserve our thanks.

So, for everyone who voted you can be confident your selections on your ballot were counted accurately. We all owe Ms. Giambanco our thanks for her hard work and diligence on our behalf.