, Gloucester, MA

August 20, 2013

Letter: Cape Pond Ice deserves city's, state's help

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

I would like to go on record to support Scott Memhard’s request to have Cape Pond Ice taken out of the state’s Designated Port Area.

As the adjacent property owner at 108 Commercial St. for more than 20 years, I can tell you how difficult it has been for us to exist and hold onto our property. Even though we are not in the DPA, it has been very difficult to rent space, pay our bills, etc. At one time, we had 90 percent of our property rented; now we are down to 40 percent, barely enough top meet taxes, expenses etc.

The reason is that our fishing industry has hit rock bottom. If you think Scott has problems, look at the boat owners, fish processors, fuel dealers and others.

Even if Scott receives the lifting of the DPA, not much may change, and it will not endanger the Fort area or inner harbor. Recently, the Gloucester Board of Appeals approved one apartment for us — and thank goodness, because it helps us pay our taxes and the apartment does not, in any way, hurt the neighborhood.

Scott and Cape Pond Ice have been good neighbors. He has worked hard, and has the diversity available to try to keep his property and business afloat. But he needs help.

I believe that our city and state officials should help him now, not three or five years from now — because, by then, he and his business might not be there to help.


Commercial Street, Gloucester