, Gloucester, MA

September 3, 2013

Letter: No American blessing without repentance

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

In his recent letter (the Times, Thursday, Aug. 29), Dean DeCoste pleads, “Please God, please, God bless America.”

The politicians ain’t to blame. The citizens are.

It is the citizens who are “doing drugs,” who are committing adultery and running off to divorce court. It’s the citizens who’ve made the nation an abortion slaughterhouse — “we the people” who are fornicating like rabbits and blaspheming God’s name 24/7.

Americans are so devoid of the fear of God and so spiritually bankrupt that they rejoice when the mayor of the city hoists a flag glorifying behavior that God’s eternal word classifies as abhorrent — while 11 people with the title of “reverend” before their names ridicule and lambaste the only clergyman who dares call sin sin.

“Please bless America,” you plead.

Without repentance? Get real!