, Gloucester, MA

May 9, 2013

Letter: Candidate's family sees campaign lessons

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

I would like to congratulate Mrs. Lucas on her victory in the race for the open seat on Rockport’s Board of Selectman.

This was not just Don Campbell’s campaign, this was a campaign we took on as a family because we believe in him and we believe in Rockport.

Although my husband lost this time, our whole family feels we have won due to the many life lessons learned by us and by our four children throughout his campaign.

There is the lesson on courage — it is easy to sit at home and complain but it is entirely different to stand up and try to make a change. We admire and respect that he had the courage to do this.

There is the lesson of hard work and determination. Teaching by example, Don showed his children that you must give everything you have to earn what you want. Nothing is handed to you. If you work hard, you don’t always win, however, you hold your head high if you know you did your best.

There is the lesson on friendship and support. Some of these lessons on friendship have been hard yet our family has been so fortunate to meet so many new friends throughout this process. We are so grateful for our old friends and family that stood by us. So many people selflessly gave of themselves because they believe in Don and what he stands for. You are all treasures and we thank you.

There is the lesson on fairness and bias. Even in this very newspaper, some facts were omitted and views swayed. However, this is still a valuable, first-hand, life lesson to question and wonder and to not always believe everything you read or hear.

There is the lesson in humility and dignity. Our own words to our children came back at us on election night when our seven-year-old daughter, who was barely awake, found out we lost.

“Well, we lose with dignity,” she said. “Win with grace and lose with dignity!”

One other important lesson is to never give up! I’m sure you will see him waving at Five Corners again sometime in the future.

Don may not have been elected selectman, but he has a deep appreciation and respect for all of the many people on both sides who give their time to collectively make Rockport what it is. He is more committed than ever to do his part to serve this town and make a difference.

We are proud of him for that, too! Best of luck to Mrs. Lucas and to Rockport.



King Street Court, Rockport