, Gloucester, MA

May 14, 2013

Letter: Terror attacks: Is worst yet to come?

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

I am writing to respond to Michael Cook’s letter regarding the context of the Marathon terrorist attacks and the bombings tied to racism in the past (the Times, Thursday, May 2).

Michael is usually very diligent in his research; however on the Birmingham issue, you really had to be there — I was!

The dynamiting of, as he says of more than 50 black sharecropper homes, along with the fire-bombing of several Christian black churches between Birmingham and Selma were allegedly committed by the ultra radical racist Klu Klux Klan. There was no PC term of African-American; but there was a very large black community, that was under siege of those that did not want to see their lifestyles change.

The white-on-black terror was finally quelled by the Tennessee National Guard in Memphis. It was 1967, and as things quieted, the black community, under the guidance of Dr. King, was able to mount it’s sizable peaceful movement for equal civil rights.

What happened in Boston was a violent movement by two homegrown radical Islamic jihadists who wished to change our way of life to their religious ideology. And it is just a sample of what could possibly happen in New York City as well.

Born and raised in NYC, I know much of the underground. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve notified Congressmen that could do something, and have received the ignoring of the well-worn phrase “see something, say something” — which means nothing.

Michael, that white, non-Christian Southern uprising was brought to an end by the peaceful black Christian “Civil Rights” movement. For the second time, the Confederacy was stopped in it’s tracks by Christian ideology.

It would seem to me that our country, would rather suffer Terror Attacks on US soil, and the uncalled for death’s of Americans on that soil, than chance offending someone, for the sake of PC laws that need to be changed to save lives here at home.

Let those that are offended be offended, as long as no one’s rights are trampled upon.

Michael, from 9/11/01 until 2009, there was not one terror attack,with the loss of American life on American soil. Yet, under our current president and administration, there have been no less than five such attacks, on American Soil without any accountable retribution.

Only 20 Americans dead? Is that tolerable?

Perhaps it is possible that the worst is yet to come in our lifetimes.


Langsford Street, Gloucester