, Gloucester, MA

August 28, 2013

Letter: Third-world roads should be priority for mayor

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor,

On behalf of myself and my wife, who are property taxpayers, and the rest of the residents of this city, I beg Mayor Carolyn Kirk and the City Council to please focus on repairing the roads and sidewalks in Gloucester.

They are a complete disgrace, especially in the center of the city.

Think about the safety of the walking and driving public who put up with road conditions that are Third World at best. Focus on securing state funds to secure this goal. Can’t the Democrat-led elected officials pull strings with the Patrick administration? It’s enough that car and truck owners pay extremely high excise tax rates as it is. At a bare minimum, can’t the city just paint the road lanes and the crosswalks properly? The stretch of road from St. Ann School to Flannagan’s Gas Station is the worst!

Take a break from spending extreme amounts on “consultants” and “studies” and dedicate the funds to road repair!

Take a break from promoting Gloucester, and start to repair it!

There are no excuses for such roads and sidewalks, other than a lack of focus and leadership.

I don’t want to hear that the city has no money when there’s money in the emergency fund, and the city’s property tax rate has gone up 25 percent in the past few years.

C’mon, City Hall, fix the roads and sidewalks! If we can expedite a bike lane, we can expedite pedestrian and vehicle safety.

Dean Burgess