, Gloucester, MA

August 28, 2013

Letter: Don’t trash the Clean Team!

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor,

I’d intended to write this letter earlier, before all the hullabaloo pursuant to Gordon Baird’s column (“Fishtown Local: A good ol’ time on the job,” Times, Aug. 12) which focused attention upon the Clean Team. It is not, whatsoever, in response to the his cheap-shot and ill-informed writing that I write to you today.

My son is an employee of the Clean Team, and I am very grateful for this opportunity which enables him to enter the working world. It is through this introduction that he has been able to make money on his own, learn to manage that money, and learn the responsibilities of time management. He has gained the respect afforded one who is a productive member of American society, all the while performing a useful and appreciated service to the city and its residents.

I’m thankful to the city, the YMCA, and whoever else is involved in funding and administering this wonderful program. Would that there be more, similar, programs available to our youth which simultaneously teach good values and pay a decent starting wage.

Nancy Olson