, Gloucester, MA

September 10, 2013

Letter: 'Stop the craziness' of Syria strike

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

This is an open letter to U.S. Rep. John Tierney:

I cannot urge you strongly enough to vote no on the air strike/war on Syria.

I have a hard time believing one word that Secretary of State John Kerry says. It sounds so much like Colin Powell, a much-respected and militarily decorated man, and the “yellow cake” in Iraq. He, too, said we have the evidence that ultimately did not exist — a good man played for a fool.

There is every reason to suspect that it was the rebels who used gas. These rebels, Al Nusra, Al-Qaida, Hezbollah, extremists that we have fought for more than 10 years, are now our allies? Please, they have killed, maimed and left countless Americans mentally and physically disabled.

These rebels have killed civilians, destroyed Christian churches, sawed, not cut, the heads off priests and ate the heart and livers of Assad supporters. They want Sharia Law.

Now I read that they executed seven men who were on their hands and knees with their hands tied behind them — and that 75,000 troops are on the ready and cannot take leave until after October. Does this scare you? It sure scares me.

My dad fought in Okinawa, as did my uncle, who was shot and received the Purple Heart. Another uncle was a submariner during the Korean War. My cousin lost his only son as an Air Force test pilot when his plane went down. My boyfriends fought in Vietnam as did many cousins.

My sister, an Air Force master sergeant served with Storming Norman in Desert Storm. We have fought as have many American families. How much more can America give of its sons and daughters?

We cannot commit to another war for Obama’s credibility. Kerry has had his dramatic or theatrical day in the sun before the Foreign Relations Committee. I remember, as you can, when he threw his medals/dog tags over the White House fence. I have no respect for Kerry, the warmonger Bomb Bomb McCain or Lindsey Graham.

I truly believe Obama is incompetent. When we are in trouble somewhere, where is he? On vacation or golfing. We Americans have been subjected to Obamacare, NSA and IRS scandals, the Sequester, Fast and Furious among other immigration scandals, and finally Benghazi. Take his teleprompter away and he can barely speak.

I consider this air strike/war treasonous. There is this document called the Constitution which must be respected. Only Congress can declare war. I would support the impeachment of Obama if he proceeds without congressional approval.

I fully believe that every politician who votes for this will pay a price in the next election.

I am asking you to please vote against supporting Al-Qaida and Muslim extremists. Vote for America — and stop the craziness.