, Gloucester, MA

July 3, 2013

Letter: A step backward for civil rights, liberties

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

Within a year, Chief Justice Roberts will declare in an interview that the Supreme Court could never have expected that duplicitous state legislatures formerly “inspected” by the Department of Justice would revert to their invidious past actions of racial intolerance.

After all, had they not been restrained from such horrid acts since 1965?

We must assume this will be a temporary aberration, much as the 18th Amendment was; otherwise, we can only conclude that this version of the Supreme Court is advocating a return to overt racial discrimination via sanctioned “Jim Crow Laws.” This blighted court that cannot distinguish between a human and a corporation is now saying that it is just superfine to discriminate freely.

We are all members of one minority or another. Yet the Civil Rights Act of 1965 protected each and all of us, not just those of a selected ancestry.

Isn’t it just a little crazy to say one group is entitled to full and equal protection of the laws, while denying those same rights to another group?

While I celebrate that my brothers and sisters now have their marital rights recognized, I still worry about everyone whose skin isn’t “pinkish.” I worry about what is the next group to be sidelined and ask if it will include my friends, my family, or me?

We have been shown that an agency of our democratic government collects information about all of us — I repeat, all of us.

We will never know when a particular view becomes outlawed, and the PATRIOT Act has made notification impossible and illegal.

This is just one consequence of those who did not vote — or didn’t complain.