, Gloucester, MA

August 3, 2013

Letter: So who's controlling our oceans?

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

I saw the photo of the Padre Pio and front-page story in the Gloucester Daily Times (Wednesday, July 31).

I also read Valerie Nelson’s letter regarding NOAA’s Regional Planning Board in the opinion section the same day. So, with tears in my eyes and Valerie’s quiet warning ringing in my ears, I rode around the Back Shore for one last look.

For all my life, it had never occurred to me that that ocean out there would ever be other than it had always been. For the first time, I realized then that it was no less valuable than mountains strip-mined for coal or forests felled for lumber — and I was afraid:

The very agency that has just ravaged the fishing industry proposes to manage the rest of our marine resources as well.


Beacon Street, Gloucester