, Gloucester, MA

August 3, 2013

Letter: Murder's longstanding role in the arts

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

I feel that Stuart Diamond, who writes frequently to the Times, is a bit off base on his letter regarding the Annisquam Village Players’ presentation of “Chicago” (the Times, Friday, Aug. 2).

His political correctness goes beyond all bounds of reason.

Art , literature and theater with no murder?

OK, no more Shakespeare, as almost all of his tragedies are wrapped around murder.

No more opera, as Verdi, Wagner, Rossini, et al were enthralled with and totally dependent upon it.

Greek tragedy also goes, according to Mr. Diamond — or perhaps he has a cut off time for murder, a statute of limitations as it were.

I would like to hear from him just where that time line would be: the Trojan wars perhaps? Or maybe the biblical Cain & Abel?

It has been said that political correctness is the equivalent of picking up dog poop from the clean end.


Bayridge Lane, Rockport