, Gloucester, MA

August 5, 2013

Letter: Thanks for requiring online comment names

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

Thank you for instituting the change where all who post online comments to stories, letters and columns at do so under their own names (“Why Did My Newspaper Do That?” column, Saturday, Aug. 3).

I have talked with far too many who said they would never post online under their own name when so many could sit back at attack them without attribution. Now, we all will find out if they offered an excuse or a reason.

As an encouraging reminder for those who do need to remain anonymous for serious reasons, we still have the mail system to send in whistle-blower news. Mr. Lamont will likely have modifications to add but consider this:

You can send a message and sign it with a fictitious ID. Only you and a select few at the GDT will know that name. Sound a bit like 1950s spy craft? Worked then and can allow you to elaborate as requested, safely.

For the rest of us, we now have the right to confront our accusers.

I can’t wait to see the responses from real people about what I have written or what my many, clever, thoughtful friends write. I am unhappily sure the number of responses will diminish, but that might be offset by an increase in the integrity of all new responses.

For the few who fuss about facts, try to be accurate. For we who just love to emote, please stick to the issue. I know how hard that is. I promise to be both accurate and on point.

May we all enjoy this new opportunity!