, Gloucester, MA

August 5, 2013

Letter: What about taking care of our own?

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

I was watching TV’s “Washington Journal,” which featured a man from a federal agency investigating the waste and fraud taking place regarding the construction projects in Afghanistan.

He talked about the fact that $35 million was spent on a building that our military didn’t want or need, the Afghans didn’t want and the building just sat empty, but cost a lot of money to maintain. Many construction companies built such shoddy facilities they just crumbled and fell apart.

What puzzled me was how our government is cutting millions of dollars from Head Start for our children, millions cut from school nutrition programs to feed our hungry children, millions cut for nutrition for our poor elderly, disabled and veterans. One politician stated that some poor elderly have actually been reduced to eating dog food. How can the politicians do such a thing while at the same time giving a $725,000 tax subsidy to a Republican senator not to plant crops on his land?

It’s all well and good to give aid to foreign countries, but let’s tend to the needs in our country first.

The corruption that has been going on for years in Iraq and Afghanistan has got to stop. The big construction companies with connections in Washington need serious investigation and exposure.