, Gloucester, MA

November 25, 2012

Letter: Obama is right president for today's world

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

I did not think that I would be writing again before returning to Arizona for the winter (yes, I’ve paid my New England dues), but I just cannot let the words in Andrew Tarr’s letter (Opinion, the Times, Friday, Nov. 23) go without a response.

Mr. Tarr, like infamous Congressman Joe McCarthy before him — as well as just defeated Florida Congressman Alan West who continues to claim that “there are more than sixty communists in Congress” without ever naming a single one — slings words about like “the crimes perpetrated by Obama in his first term”... and that “the Democrats still represent anything other than power-hungry, middle class betraying, murderous, jingoist imperialists” without ever citing examples or proof.

If killing Osama Bin Laden and other terrorist leaders was pre-meditated murder and a crime, I say “right on.” If passing health reform that will provide insurance coverage for 35-40 million Americans was a crime, I say “right on.” The real crime is denying such coverage that leads to thousands of innocent deaths each year.

If saving the U.S. automobile industry and saving the country from another Great Depression was a crime, I say “right on. The real crime would have been to avoid doing that and causing millions more to be jobless. If granting qualified children of illegal immigrtants the right to go to school here is a crime, I say “right on” — the real crime would be to deny them that schooling.

As for “middle class betgraying, murderous, jingoist imperialists” (whatever that means) ... the real crime has been committed by the Republicans in Congress, led by former vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan for voting to reduce the State Department’s budget request for security personnel, leading to the absence of such people during the Benghazi attack. And, as for Planned Parenthood, the real crime would have been to get rid of that group which provides not only birth control counseling but also other health services for women (as candidate Romney vowed to do on his first day in office without any disagreement from Mr. Ryan).

This is not 1776. It is not even 1976. We are very fortunate to have a president who understands the new globality as proven just last week by his attending the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) conference in Cambodia and by visiting other Southeast Asian coun tries as well, a president who understands the rapid rise of Asian countries and works to position the U.S. as an important Pacific Rim player — a president who can do all that while, at the same time, exercise U.S. power and influence in both the European Union and the Middle East.

People like this letter writer ought to get their head out of the sand and realize we are living in a rapidly changing world.