, Gloucester, MA

July 2, 2013

Letter: Let flowers brighten days in life and death

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

The last words my mother aid to me were “they’re beautiful.”

She was referring to the flowers I had brought to her at the nursing home where she was enduring her last days. It had been a difficult time, but it as a relief to me that I had been able to brighten her life each day with flowers.

The obituary notice that I wrote invited people to honor my mother with a contribution to charity, and with flowers — with the flowers to be passed on to other residents at the nursing home.

I recall the memorial service for my friend Joe Giglio, at which Joe’s wife Mary had invited people to each take home some of the flowers — a great way to remember a great guy.

Flowers belong in every day of our lives. The sublime beauty of flowers help make us aware of the extraordinary in ordinary days, the divine blessing of life present in every day. The dazzling beauty of flowers are the perfect markers for the special occasion like holidays and weddings that highlight our lives.

And flowers also belong at the end of our life. What better way to honor a person’s lifetime and mark their passage to another realm than with objects so transcendently beautiful that they could only have come from God’s own palette.

In lieu of the phrase “in lieu of flowers,” I would suggest that one consider placing in memorial notices the words, “we welcome flowers and contributions to charity.”


Rockport Road, Gloucester