, Gloucester, MA

October 15, 2012

Letter: Ads show Brown is no 'Mr. Nice Guy'

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

The negative tone of the Warren/Brown campaign for has been hard for me to take, and I know that I am not alone.

While both sides have engaged in it, it seems to me that the Brown campaign has been more persistent and more polarizing in his attacks on Elizabeth Warren’s character than she has been on him.

I saw on Channel 5 a few nights ago a story about the New England Compounding Center (NECC), which manufactured the drugs that have caused the recent meningitis crisis. The reporters said that the co-owners of the NECC had held a fund-raiser for Sen. Brown (before news broke about the meningitis link) at their home a few weeks ago and that the senator had written letters of support for the compounding center.

Since the news of the meningitis issue became public, Sen. Brown has, to his credit, given $10,000 of the campaign donations he received to the Meningitis Foundation of America and he has called for an investigation.

Sen. Brown has repeatedly attacked the character of Elizabeth Warren on an asbestos workers issue, even in the face of facts to the contrary.

Now, I do not believe that Sen. Brown was aware of this meningitis issue or in collusion in any way, nor should he be attacked for his link to the NECC. Still, given his demonstrated preference for character assassination ads, I wonder what the Brown campaign would have done with this issue had it been Elizabeth Warren who received the donations from the NECC owners.

Whether or not Sen. Brown wins the election, he has certainly forfeited the “nice guy” image that he first brought to the campaign.


Woodward Avenue, Gloucester