, Gloucester, MA

October 19, 2012

Letter: A 'cult' candidate for president?

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

I am writing in response to the letter by Gerald Mathieu (the Times, Tuesday, Oct. 16), who replied to my initial letter with his own, urging “respect” for all religions.

Yet contrary to his view, I believe Mormonism is absolutely, unequivocally, most assuredly without a shade of doubt, a non-Christian cult — and that Mitt Romney, therefore, is a cult member.

The God he speaks of is not the God of the Torah or the Jesus of the gospels. It is the false god of the false prophet of Mormonism —Joseph Smith, Jr., who had 33 wives.

In the book “Kingdom of the Cults” by Walter R. Martin there is a scholarly, brilliant chapter about Mormonism.

Martin was the world’s leading expert on religious cults. I worked for him as a research consultant in California at his ministry called Christian Research Institute, right across the freeway from Disneyland.