, Gloucester, MA

October 20, 2012

Letter: Candidates should address Social Security tax scheme

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

This is an open letter to Sen. Scott Brown, candidate Elizabeth Warren, Representative John Tierney, and candidate Richard Tisei.

There has been much discussion about taxes during this election campaign (and rightly so), but one aspect of the tax code that seems to be flying under the radar is the taxation of Social Security retirement income.

One may say: “What!? No way! What is he going on about?”

And so I thought, too, when I registered to receive my Social Security retirement benefits. I quickly found that since our household earned income above $35,000, my benefits were taxed. Now mind you, this is not because I’ve earned income, but my wife, who is younger and still working, does.

Of course, if we had unearned income we could be raking in millions and not have to pay taxes on Social Security.

This is a remnant of President Reagan’s “trickle down” economy and should be abolished. It is grossly unfair to tax anyone Social Security benefits, which have been paid for by the recipients and their employers though taxes.

I would like to see legislative action taken to correct this misguided double taxation.