, Gloucester, MA

October 20, 2012

Energized patriotism and a faith in Romney

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

Having lived in Iowa and then Kansas for my entire life, my trips to New England to visit family always reawaken in me an extra feeling of patriotism.

As a retired U.S. history teacher, coming to Boston, traveling up the coast to Manchester, to Gloucester and Essex and to the Topsfield Fair, I almost feel that I might run into some of our country’s founding fathers.

Seeing lots of yard signs throughout the area is such a shot in the arm — our country’s political freedoms, so rooted in New England’s past, are alive and well today.

There’s been a “gloom” over our nation for too long now and I want to see the genuineness, the truly American spirit, the integrity, the determination that has always been ours.

I see those qualities in Mitt Romney. I think he truly loves this nation and its people.

He makes me feel that we can be strong and healthy again. I trust him.


Topeka, Kan.