, Gloucester, MA

October 23, 2012

Letter: Some questions for Scott Brown

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

Sen. Brown, why would you ever sign (along with Mitt Romney Paul Ryan , Mitch McConnell, Eric Cantor etc.,) such a radical pledge as the Taxpayers Protection Pledge run by such an extreme right wing Republican group, Americans For Tax Reform?

Didn’t you know that, in signing this pledge, you would be promising never to vote to raise government revenues by raising taxes for, any reason, and that all new revenues must come from cutting government programs; that your signing on to this pledge would effectively handcuff you to one position on budget issues? Didn’t you realize that your claim of bipartisanship and independence would now go out the window?

However, this result of your signing is the least troubling to me. Much more importantly, couldn’t you foresee that you were supporting an effort that forced the government, that in order to raise desperately-needed revenues, and in order to meet the constrictions of this pledge, would now have to decimate large-ticket programs for the middle class, such as mortgage interest deductions, public education, federal money to cities and towns for teachers, police, firemen, health and social programs etc.?

Aren’t these the people you supposedly represent? Couldn’t you see in signing this pledge, you would be adding even more of the tax burden and even more hardship on the middle class and poor while leaving the ultra-rich and powerful practically unscathed?

Couldn’t you see that economy-stimulus money was now out of the question? Couldn’t you see that all these things were the whole point of the pledge you took?

Couldn’t you see that it was the reason for being, the AFTR to protect and preserve the wealth and power of the ultra-rich at all costs. Couldn’t you see beyond the sham of those innocent sounding titles, the TPPand the AFTR, as to what they were really all about? Shouldn’t the fact that they were run by Grover Norquist, Karl Rove and financed by extreme right wing Super Pacs, have tipped you off?

Is it part of your payback that the AFTR is now financing your campaign sending out flyers, Karl Rove-style, denigrating your opponent, Elizabeth Warren?

Some last questions: Do you really underneath, believe as they do?

Knowing all these facts, what should we, your constituents, believe about you?