, Gloucester, MA

October 25, 2012

Letter: Don't let sign thefts dampen election spirit

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

Last week, 170 U.S. manufacturing jobs were removed to China, now that Bain Capital has taken over the Freeport Ill., Sensata Corporation.

And last week, dozens of Obama for President yard signs were removed in one clean sweep from Manchester properties.

Bain Capital wanted Sensata to produce higher profits in the short term, so they ignored the human factor and quickly cut corporate wage and benefit costs by out sourcing 170 good middle class American jobs. In Manchester by the Sea, some anti-Obama types apparently wanted to quickly sweep President Obama’s re-election chances under the rug, by making all of our campaign signs disappear.

I am not sure how quickly those dismissed Sensata employees will find new and equal jobs in Illinois, but I feel fairly confident that President Obama will win re-election with Manchester’s majority support — and more importantly, with Massachusetts’ electoral votes on Nov. 6, without a single Obama yard sign left standing in this darling village by the ocean. (Our one-term ex-Massachusetts governor continues to lose his own state by more than 18 points, according to an average of today’s national polls.)

So what does this grassroots thievery mean? What do we tell our children about the person or persons who would steal Obama campaign yard signs from their own or their neighbor’s front yards?

As I suggested four years ago, when Manchester was first hit with this same illegal activity and we lost more than 50 Obama yard signs, week after week , running up to the 2008 election: Hoist your Obama signs up your flag pole; fly them from a second-story window; tack them high up on your front fence, and prop them up on the inside of your parked vehicles in your street or driveway. Be creative as you show your support for President Obama. And for those of you who dare put another Obama yard sign in your front yard ... please put it in view of a surveillance camera.

Then call the Cape Ann Democratic Campaign Headquarters in Gloucester at 978 282-3290 and sign up to car pool and canvas in Dover, Portsmouth, Salem and Manchester, N.H., this Saturday and Sunday. Or call undecided voters from the Gloucester office any day of the week.

Spending a few hours on the phone here or canvassing in NH this weekend with your spouse, kids and in-laws, talking to undecided voters, could ensure that New Hampshire goes “blue” on Nov. 6. These four electoral votes could decide the 2012 election.

So don’t be despondent about these stolen yard signs. Use them to move forward. We each have the chance to participate in true grassroots democracy at home and over the New Hampshire border.


Elm Street, Manchester