, Gloucester, MA

May 13, 2013

Letter: here is the 'vote' em out' primary ballot?

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

I was standing in line waiting for a ballot during the recent primary election and, when asked my preference for a ballot, It occurred to me that what we really need is another choice.

We can ask for either a Republican or Democratic ballot, but what we really need is a third choice. We need a ballot that allows us (the poor schmucks that are continually subjected to choosing from a group of pre-selected party cronies) to vote ‘em out, not in! A direct election — you get in that way, you go out that way.

Yes, I know that there is a constitutional provision for this type of thing but, gimme a break, the people who do that (I’ll scratch your back, you scratch mine) are the ones that shouldn’t be in there in first place. Our current system of subtraction by addition isn’t working. “Oh, you don’t like the last one we picked for you?” party leaders say, “try this one.”

We Americans are all part of a great democracy, right?

W-e-l-l, not exactly. It’s what‘s called a representative democracy, that is to say that we vote for a representative to act in our best interest.

Lets’ see, we got health care reform… all the Washingtons got together and, after the obligatory bribes of one sort or another (they don’t call ‘em that), they’ve given us a system that, they tell us, is best for us the American people.

That’s fair enough, but wait a minute — not quite good enough for the Washingtons so they have their own health care system. Golly gee!

Then there is the plan they’ve prescribed for us for retirement. IRAs, 401ks and all the other numbers and letters — all with their own built in set of rules. But good enough for them? Nope. And the recent debacle over the do-nothing approach regarding the issue of sequester brings to mind the old adage “when the going gets tough, Congress goes on vacation.”

I’d like to be able to vote for one person, just one, that would go to Washington and find all the money that has been stolen — er sorry, appropriated — from Social Security. The idea that we have people in this country who have worked all their lives paying in to Social Security and are now faced with having to make ends meet on the meager allotments doled by arrogant members of the U.S. Congress is shameful.

They pass laws for us (the general public) but time and time again, remember to add a line or two that excludes themselves. Ever wonder why, even though you’re on the federal “do not call” list, you still get political robo calls during dinner? Are they any less annoying than someone trying to sell you insurance, or windows, or aluminum siding that you don’t need?

Over 90 percent of the American people favor background checks for the purpose of purchasing a firearm and they can’t even vote on the damn issue. This has nothing to do with the Second Amendment right to own a firearm and everything to do with getting their hands out of the special interest’s pocket.

I offer a sincere apology to the few who actually do run for office with the intention of making a difference … but there do not seem to be many of those.

So, why do I vote? I vote because I want to make a difference, but give me that third ballot.

A third ballot would be the breath of fresh air that we all need right now. It would return the freedom of choice to us, the American people, and would ensure the accountability of our elected officials — until they can figure out a way to get around it.

Give me the “vote ‘em out ballot!”


Mt. Pleasant Avenue, Gloucester