, Gloucester, MA

December 31, 2012

Letter: Editorial hit the mark on GHS 'threat'

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

I wrote with disapproval about your first editorial regarding the possibility that there had been a threat of a gun in Gloucester High School on the Friday before vacation.

Today, I write with appreciation for the second editorial, headlined “GHS ‘threat’ is no joke” (the Times, Wednesday Dec. 26).

The followup piece made it clear thatm not only was there no gun at GHS, but that police and school officials were not able even to find the threat of a gun that the “credible source” had reported.

My appreciation goes to Ray Lamont, the editor, for receiving my first letter to the editor, responding to me personally by email, publishing that letter, then writing Wednesday’s opinion which states the situation clearly.

Thank you, Ray, for your willingness to hear and respond to this reader’s concerns.


Caleb’s Lane, Rockport