, Gloucester, MA

January 15, 2013

Letter: Top-down school choices a slap at taxpayers

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

A general observation regarding the Fuller School property and other issues:

Our Gloucester School Committee has developed a habit of making decisions and then telling us what we are going to do, rather than asking us what we think should be done and discussing the options — then they are flabbergasted and outraged when we say no.

First, they decided to kick all the Catholic school and charter school students out of after-school activities, then they decided to dump the Fuller school and use our credit cards to build a new one at West Parish.

The first decision backfired. The second will backfire.

I think a modification of the arrogant, top down, ignore the taxpayers, decision-making behavior is in order, and it would not hurt for the City Council to pay some attention either.

We elect you folks to represent us, not to kick us in the teeth.


Washington Street