, Gloucester, MA

January 18, 2013

Letter: Share Ferrini poems for Writers' Center project

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

Back in 1988, I was working with Vincent Ferrini editing his autobiography, “Hermit of the Clouds,” and getting it ready for publication.

He was fun to visit. To paraphrase Annie Thomas, we’d start out talking about poetry, and wind up talking about everything.

Then one day I got a letter from him, which was odd, since he could have called me, and since I was going to see him that afternoon anyway.

But it wasn’t a letter – or maybe it was a letter, but it was also a poem. It was Vincent, talking to me, through a poem, in the very specialized, condensed, and passionate language that only a poem delivers.

Vincent sent many poems to local friends and colleagues. These were inspired by events of the moment. They came from Vincent’s heart, and off the top of his head.

Usually a poem is a formal one-way address to the world. Vincent’s occasional poems were personal and immediate, and part of a dialogue he was having with each specific person who received one. They are unique because they document a poet’s roots in a place.

We’d like to publish a collection of these poems to local residents in honor of Vincent’s 100th Anniversary, in June 2013.

So we’re putting out the call to everyone on Cape Ann who might have received a poem from Vincent. Please send us a copy, along with a little bit about yourself and the occasion of the poem.

You can send copies to Greg Gibson, Gloucester Writers Center, 126 East Main St, Gloucester MA 01930.