, Gloucester, MA

February 20, 2013

Letter: Safe schools a matter of maintenance

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

The Gloucester High School gym has been plagued by the results of poor workmanship since the reconstruction project, as well as poor attention to maintenance over the years.

From the emission of fumes from the diisocyanates in the flooring on the indoor track, the warped spaces and holes in the foam, and now the leaking roof it has been a never-ending compendium of problems.

While I think the efforts by the athletic director and the trainer are commendable (the Times, Sports story Feb. 16, Editorial, Tuesday, Feb. 19), this should not be something to which they should have to tend on a regular basis or have to constantly deal with the safety factor for the students constantly.

Maintaining roofs and the buildings in the schools should be a priority. Another case in hand is the deterioration that’s being allowed at Fuller School.

Good maintenance translates to safe and healthy schools.


Thurston Point Road


Retired GHS teacher