, Gloucester, MA

August 27, 2013

Letter: Woman deserves kudos for safety push

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

I’d like to add my thanks to the list of others who believe that Heidi Wakeman deserves some kind of honor for her advocacy on behalf of bicycling safety lanes.

That lane between the traffic and the parked autos will be a safety measure to both the cyclist, and the motorist — particularly if that lane is put in place from five corners in Rockport, along Route 127, through Lanesville, Bay View, and perhaps ending at the Richdale store at the Goose Cove spillway.

That would cover perhaps 15 miles of roadway that is dangerous to both cyclist and motorist alike.

Any other areas would be a bonus for all — and Ms. Wakeman should get a bonus as well! While in a thanking mood, I’d also like to thank letter writer Michael Cook for returning to his independent thinking. He couldn’t be any more right, with his accolade of a two-party system (Letters, the Times, Thursday, Aug. 22).

No need for a third party, that’s for sure.


Langsford Street, Gloucester