, Gloucester, MA

August 29, 2013

America needs God's blessing

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor,

There is not a day, from the start until the end, that goes by that I don’t find myself saying “ I don’t believe it,” as I watch firsthand the end of the family commercial fisherman, family farmers, logging, coalminers, steel workers — all the great industries that once made this country great, all gone.

How are Chicago and Detroit looking these days?

There is only one answer for it all, and it’s corrupt politicians. They and only they can be held accountable for the state of this country. Once strong and powerful now we are seen around the world as weak.

From Israel, Iran, China, to Russia, we are the laughing stock. Iran continues its nuclear arms program, telling us just what it is going to do when it are done. The Syrian regime is melting the faces off of babies using who knows what kind of chemical weapons, while most of our country is believing we have a racial problem, or how, when, and why we are, or should be flying the rainbow flag.

And just when you think it can’t get any worse then that, now we want to stop more people or at least make it harder once again for the few that still want to work.

Now let’s stop those obnoxious, astonishingly loud, whiny, air-polluting, peace and quiet destroyers, those loud irritating debris-blowing pollutant spreaders. The deadly lethal leaf blower.

I say 10 years, no parole, for anyone caught using on of these deadly devices.

Please God, please, “God bless America.”

Dean DeCoste