, Gloucester, MA

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October 2, 2013

Letter: Mac's 'private-sector savvy' will win out

To the editor:

The political signs are appearing as the mayoral tussle is nearing.

The combatants Mac Bell and Captain Kirk await the 1st round bell;

The outcome of the election no one can tell.

Like ‘Money’ Mayweather, Carolyn is undefeated and going for four.

But when it comes to cold hard cash and private sector savvy

Mac’s got quite a bit more.

Past records will be touted and big plans laid upon the table

The voters will deliberate and debate to determine who is most able.

Mutual praises will be sung and sleazy mud will be slung

Levers will be pulled, ballots counted and tally’s rung.

Once again America’s small town political engine will ignite and roar into motion.

A fiery combustion of talking points, letters to the editor and assorted civil and uncivil locomotion.

Gloucester’s future is in the balance and both candidates and voters know the future none can tell.

As both Carolyn and Mac strive to draw votes from the electoral wishing well.

Promises will be made and eloquent speeches shall be spoken

But Mac will prevail and Carolyn’s dreams will be broken.



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Letters/My View

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