, Gloucester, MA

October 24, 2013

Letter: Referendum Option C would open doors to Y

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

Nov. 5, Election Day, will soon be upon us.

This year, our community voters will have the opportunity to voice their opinion regarding the development of the Fuller site.

Over many years, we have been active members of the Gloucester community and have volunteered for organizations that view our community as a priority. The Y, more specifically the Cape Ann Y, is one of those organizations.

We encourage our fellow community members to choose Option C on this year’s ballot, which calls for the development of the Fuller site as a mixed-use facility, including governmental, nonprofit, first responders, for-profit or some subset of those uses.

Jack Meany, CEO of the North Shore YMCA, is on record numerous times stating that the Cape Ann Y only wants to occupy a portion of the 190,000-square-footage of the Fuller facility.

There is more than enough space at the Fuller site for all of the initiatives residents have discussed. The Y would like to purchase a portion of that space to create a full-service facility, with parking, that can better serve the community.

Choosing Option C on the Nov. 5 referendum will serve as the catalyst for a more pointed discussion regarding the Fuller site. Our city’s elected officials still have much work to do after Nov. 5, but choosing Option 5 will help provide them with the sense of direction to move this contested debate of usage to the next step.

Let’s make sure the Fuller site reaches its full potential in serving our entire community.



Ye Olde County Road, Gloucester