, Gloucester, MA

December 20, 2012

Letter: Charter parents proud "great" community school

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

Thank you for your paper’s unbiased reporting on the subject of the Gloucester Community Arts Charter School that has so affected so many of this community’s youngest and still “innocent” children.

First, let me say that we, as GCA parents, thank all of the board and staff of the GCA whole heartedly for their tireless efforts on our children’s behalf. I am very proud to have had the opportunity for my child to know the type of people who are willing to fight for their well being, not just teach them A-B-C, 1-2-3.

The world is full of egocentric people who cannot even hold the door for the next or help their neighbor; and yes, believe it or not, even give more and not expect anything in return ( what a novel idea!).

Perception, I’m afraid, is everything in this country. And the picture many in this city have painted of the charter has been an ugly twisted mess of chaos.

What a shame we have so many individuals who believe this perception because they are too easily led, including our city and state educational school boards. So many times, like many parents, I have had to defend my choice to send my child to a great school because of someone’s egocentric, small-minded, misguided opinion.

I would like to pledge that as long as the school is open, my child and I will be proud to stand with the good —correction, “great” — people of this great “community” school.

Thank you once again for your good and kind spirits.