, Gloucester, MA

February 29, 2012

Easy bottle opener leaves no corks behind

By Times Staff

Screwpull Corkscrew with:

Tina Messina of the Wine ConneXtion in NOrth Andover has been in the wine business for many years but still worries about "... sitting there in front of your guests trying to open a bottle of wine and you can't open the bottle of wine."

Her solution is a screwpull corkscrew, one of a group of corkscrews known as twist corkscrews. The screwpull is simple, easy to use, and very low-tech. It is also the No. 2 best selling corkscrew on, which probably says something about how easy it is.

How does it work? The screwpull has two parts, a guide that fits on top of the bottle and a corkscrew with a handle on top. As the handle is turned into the cork through the top of the guide, the self-pulling action removes the cork from the bottle. After the cork is completely free, just remove the guide and twist the cork off of the screw. Messina suggests that you always take off the foil that covers the cork on the top of the bottle first.

Why does Tina like it? It never fails to remove the cork perfectly and quickly. There is also never a broken cork for her when she uses it.

What else do you want when you are trying to either talk to your friends or impress them with a good bottle of wine? For good wine suggestions, see her wine pairing videos at: