, Gloucester, MA

April 18, 2013

Local rocker releases music to get children moving

By Times Staff
Gloucester Daily Times

---- — A Gloucester-based musician has departed from his usual rock oeuvre to write and produce the music for an album geared toward young children.

Local singer-songwriter Inge Berge has released the CD “Movement Fun” in collaboration with the Florida-based label Jumptwist Music Inc. The music is aimed at helping 2- to 5-year-olds develop loco-motor skills, self expression, identify body parts, and just have fun.

The 13-track CD was commissioned by Jumptwist, which provides competitive performance pieces to the international gymnastics community. Berge had been producing these gymnast tracks for the company when its CEO, Christina Gambino, decided to expand her company’s output into movement-oriented preschool music.

Berg said as a musician the thought of writing a children’s album may have stirred a chord once or twice, “but nothing materialized until Christina pushed it.”

“After having produced all these knock-off versions of popular tracks for Jumptwist, it was an honor to be asked to write and produce something original,” said Berge. “I am quite pleased with the result. For most of the tracks, Christina — the gymnastics expert! — would provide the lyrics and general direction, and I was challenged to come up with a suitable original tune.

“I got so inspired I even wrote a bonus track, lyrics and all, ‘Baby Snakes,’ which challenges the kids to slither like snakes,” he said. “It became track 13 on the release.”

Berge said he tested the tracks out on his 4-year-old daughter, Scarlet.

“Now she has her own copy,” he said. “She dances to it all the time.”

Berge is best known on Cape Ann as a rock artist and singer-songwriter. He has released the “Ten True Things and a Filthy Dirty Lie” and “The Zerosum,” both of which have very little to do with children’s music. He frequently performs in such local venues as the Rhumb Line, Guiseppe’s, etc.

The CD is available at (, and at its own website (

“‘Movement Fun’ offers developmentally stimulating movements along with various musical genres,” said Duke University-based psychologist Philip Costanzo, PhD. “Recent research has been quite impressively supportive of the positive role of exercise, dance and expressive movement in both reducing depressive symptoms and building psychological resilience in at-risk children. Indeed, the use of music, dance and movement in the lives of garden-variety children and adults has been shown to promote positive well being.”

The CD comes with a deluxe foldout cover, lyrics and instructions for the various songs. The album consists of 13 songs as well as instrumental versions of most, a total of 25 tracks.

Some of the songs involve the use of a parachute, or “playchute” which is available for purchase along with the CD, direct from

Berg isn’t ruling out writing another children’s album in the future.

“We’ll see how this one goes.”

To hear preview of the songs on the album, visit