, Gloucester, MA

August 2, 2013

Old Garden group hosts beach picnic

Old Garden group hosts beach picnic

By Times Staff
Gloucester Daily Times

---- — ROCKPORT — In what has become a neighborly tradition, members of the Old Garden Beach Association gathered to host the group’s annual Children’s Picnic.

There was the expected picnic food — hamburgers and hotdogs — as well as games on the beach and in the water.

While the children raced about on the sand and in the water, their parents and neighbors chatted and caught up.

The group is planning to have a potluck later this month.

The Old Garden Beach Association works to maintain the quality of the beach and surrounding area, as well as acting as a social meeting place for the members. The group welcomes anyone who is interested in Old Garden Beach, its parks and nearby paths to become a member and to participate in association activities. If interested in joining, contact Earl Kishida at 1-978-546-7300.