, Gloucester, MA

April 12, 2013

Gloucester District Court: Woman gets DUI continuance over Back Shore crash

Gloucester District Court

By Marjorie Nesin
Staff Writer

---- — Judge Joseph Jennings also found that a 22-year-old River Road resident had admitted to sufficient facts on charges of drunken driving and negligent driving, but continued the case without a finding until April 2014.

The woman, Rebecca Murray, was ordered to pay $600 in fees and assessments and attend alcohol education courses. Murray’s driver’s license will also be suspended for 45 days and she is on court ordered probation until the April court date.

Jennings found Murray not responsible for a speeding charge in the same case. All of the charges resulted from a April 3 arrest when Murray crashed her vehicle up over a curb on Atlantic Road and came to stop on the rocks alongside the road on the Back Shore.

Matthew C. Ciaramitaro, a 45-year-old Middle Street man, pleaded guilty to charges of disturbing the peace and resisting arrest that had resulted from a February arrest when police found Ciaramitaro “intoxicated” in the lobby of his apartment building flipping furniture and throwing items.

Jennings ordered Ciaramitaro to pay a $50 assessment fee and could face six months in jail if he violates his probation that spans until June 2014. Ciaramitaro was ordered to complete an alcohol education program and remain sober of drugs and alcohol and will be subject to random screenings.

Michael S. Densmore, a 66-year-old Rockport man, was placed on pretrial probation until the July court date when he faces charges of violating a restraining order in March.

A 50-year-old Gloucester man who police list as homeless pleaded guilty, admitting to charges of drinking a 40 ounce bottle of Natural Ice beer behind the bleachers at Veterans’ Elementary School in plain view of children who were at recess at the time.

That man, Charles D. Ilges, was ordered to pay a $100 assessment.

Judge Jennings dismissed the following cases:

A charge of unlicensed driving against 31-year-old Lawrence man, Nestor R. Lugo, will be dismissed if he pays court costs of $100. Jennings found Lugo responsible on a charge of failing to stop at a posted sign in the same case.

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