, Gloucester, MA

June 20, 2013

Lobster-loving pair of men accused of stealing shellfish

By Marjorie Nesin
Staff Writer

---- — Two local men with craving for lobster didn’t let the fact that they had no money stop them from obtaining a dozen of the crustaceans from a city supermarket, police say.

Police have arrested one of two men and are seeking an arrest warrant on the second man.

The pair were allegedly caught on camera walked out of Shaw’s on Eastern Avenue without paying for the crustaceans Friday afternoon.

Police arrested Archibald MacLeod Jr., 30, at his Heights of Cape Ann home Tuesday afternoon, after viewing the video footage and conducting an investigation. He is charged with stealing a dozen lobsters.

The other man, 32-year-old Richard “Travis” Lane, is listed as homeless, making him more difficult to track down and arrest. But police said they are familiar with both men.

“Both suspects are known drug users and very well known by this department,” Detective Thomas Quinn wrote in the arrest report.

A store manager, Bob Gumbleton, had been working in the gardening section at the front of the store Friday, when police say Lane and MacLeod left the store through the entrance door, carrying the bags of just over $100 worth of lobster. Gumbleton told police he saw the two climb into a gray Chevy Malibu, and he provided police with that license plate number.

Gumbleton could not comment, per store policy, when reached by telephone Wednesday.

Police used the license plate number to track the car to its owner, who informed police she had loaned the car to MacLeod for the day. Police showed the woman surveillance images from the store and she confirmed the men’s identities.

The same surveillance footage showed that the two men spent ten minutes inside the store, having entered at about 2:11 p.m. There is no self-serve lobster station in the store, which means Lane and MacLeod would have asked an employee to fish the lobsters out of a tank.

MacLeod picked up the vehicle owner when she finished at work around 5 p.m. and he told her he and Lane had visited Stop & Shop earlier in the day wanting to buy lobster, but left when they realized they had no money, she told police.

“It appears that they left there and went to Shaw’s to complete their lobster quest even though they had no money,” Quinn wrote.

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