, Gloucester, MA

March 7, 2013

Letter: Paranoia reigns supreme for Obama haters

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the Editor;

Well, it didn’t take long for the latest conspiracy theory about President Obama to emerge in the paranoid, right wing blogosphere.

The latest theory involves the recent decision by a regional agency head of ICE to, in anticipation of the now in effect sequestration, release about 1,000 undocumented immigrants who were being detained and processed for deportation. Many of those released were required to wear ankle bracelets so their movements could be monitored.

With the cuts to ICE’s budget due to the sequester, the regional head of the agency in Arizona concluded the agency could not pay for detention and he opted for the conditional and monitored release of those immigrants in an attempt to live within the financial realites the sequester imposed on the agency.

Whether that decision was the correct one is open to debate, but for the decision of an agency bureaucrat to be twisted into some bizarre conspiracy involving the president is beyond absurd. In the Obama haters’ minds, however, anything that happens on the president’s watch has some sinister motivation behind it.

As harsh as this may sound, it is a form of paranoia we are seeing in all of these conspiracy theories about the president.

Here’s a question for all reasonable people to consider.

Does anyone believe that the president of the United States — any president of the United States — is privvy to or informed about every decision, good or bad, that some regional federal bureaucrat makes in the running of the agency for which that bureaucrat works?

The very notion is absurd.

But this latest conspiracy theory is not unlike the one that made the rounds last year during the campaign claiming President Obama was secretly allowing tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants into the country and getting them somehow registered as Democrats in order to steal the election.

The fact that, under the Obama administration, ICE had detained, processed, and deported more undocumented immigrants in Obama’s first three years than the Bush administration did in eight mattered not a whit to the Obama hating, conspiracy theory loving right, more than a few of whom spread these theories right here on Cape Ann via this newspaper’s anonymous comment threads.

Thankfully the extremism and paranoia of these people is rapidly turning more and more Americans off in a big way.

The Tea Party, and other far right groups’ approval ratings are tanking, while the president’s are improving.

And, as is said in Spanish, “Mas vale tarde que nunca” — better late than never.