, Gloucester, MA

March 22, 2013

Gloucester District Court: Woman ordered to pay back $738 in coin theft case

By Marjorie Nesin
Staff Writer

---- — A 52-year-old Magnolia Avenue woman, accused of breaking into another woman’s home to steal change from a bucket on multiple occasions, was ordered by a judge to pay $738 in restitution, submit to random drug and alcohol screens and pay $90 in fees and assessments.

Police had filed a criminal complaint against Ellen Petrilli in October 2011, after the home owner used a hidden camera to catch Petrilli on tape, taking change from a large jug the resident kept inside the house. The home owner told police she suspected that Petrilli knew where she kept her spare house key and used that to get inside.

Petrilli admitted to sufficient facts on the charges of breaking and entering for a misdemeanor and larceny over $250. The judge continued the case Tuesday without a finding to March 2015, ordering Petrilli to pay the restitution and fees, stay away from the other woman and her home, and submit to screening for illegal drugs for the next six months.

If each drug test comes back negative in the six-month period, Petrilli will no longer be required to submit to drug screenings.

Dietrich Williams, 19, admitted Tuesday to sufficient facts on a negligent driving charge. Police charge Williams after they said the vehicle he was driving crashed into a telephone pole on Hartz Street in February.

The judge continued the case to next year without a finding, ordering Williams to pay $300 in court fees and assessments and attend a driver’s education program. The judge found Williams not responsible on an additional charge of speeding.

The 19-year-old had told police at the time of the accident that he drank three beers before the crash, according to a police report. Although the roadway was wet, police believed Williams would have retained control of the vehicle and avoided a crash had he been driving at an appropriate rate of speed.

Richard Balzarini, 27, admitted to sufficient facts on a charge of negligent driving Tuesday.

The judge continued the case without a finding until September, placing Balzarini on administrative supervision and ordering him to pay $300 in fees and assessments and attend a driving education program.

Police had criminally cited Balzarini, of Pigeon Lane, in February after police received two reports of him driving up to a roadway that was blocked off by police for safety, then speeding off.

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