, Gloucester, MA

March 27, 2013

Gloucester Police/Fire: Holly Street couple face drug charges

Gloucester Police/Fire

By Marjorie Nesin
Staff Writer

---- — Police arrested a pair of Holly Street residents on charges of possessing oxycodone and holding that drug with intentions to distribute it.

Police had received a tip that the couple, Jason E. Thurston and Jaqueline K. Beale, were driving back from Lynn where they had allegedly purchased oxycodone to use and sell to others in Gloucester, according to police.

An officer patrolling saw Thurston, 27, driving 60 miles per hour in the 45-mile-per-hour zone of Route 128 North near Grant Circle, and stopped them on Poplar Street, police said.

Beale, 24, pulled a pharmacy pouch containing 16 oxycodone pills from her bra and gave it to police, an officer said. She told police the two had purchased 17 pills for $555, and smoked one on the way home, according to the police report.

In a later police interview, Thurston told police he sells the pills “for extra money so he can pay his bills,” according to the report.

Both Beale and Thurston were charged with illegal possession and possession with intent to distribute. Thurston was additionally charged with speeding, police said.

A man who called police to have a person removed from his home was arrested himself and charged him with assaulting the man and others in the Pleasant Street home when police arrived at the scene.

Police arrested Mark C. Rose, 49, after multiple witnesses told officers that Rose had pushed and “attacked” others in the house, police said. Rose, who police said was “intoxicated,” had initially called to ask police to remove one resident, but police explained that they cannot evict people from the residences where they reside without reason.

Police arrested a 34-year-old Maine man on charges that included driving after a license revocation, attaching improper plates and receiving stolen property, after police stopped the man for driving with a malfunctioning license plate light.

Henrique Soares of South Berwick, Maine, was arrested when police ran his license plate and found the plate attached to the vehicle he was driving was associated with a different type of vehicle, police said. Then officers learned that Soares’s license, issued out of Maine, had been revoked in September, police said.

Soares’s vehicle was also unregistered and uninsured, according to police, resulting in charges for both of those criminal offenses. Soares told police his license had expired because he is in the country illegally, prompting police to contact ICE agents, according to reports.

Soares said he had borrowed the plate temporarily from the plate owner, but when police contacted that woman, she told officers she had not lent the plates out, police said.

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