, Gloucester, MA

September 28, 2013

Woman charged after drug buy, raid

By James Niedzinski
Staff Writer

---- — Local, state and federal authorities arrested a Gloucester woman on cocaine charges Thursday after carrying out a controlled buy through bills with serial numbers that had been documented for use on the case.

According to Gloucester police, authorities seized at least 14 grams of a white powder, suspected to be cocaine, in the raid, along with prescription medication and $777 in cash. Police also found 60 grams of a white powder and a bottle of Inostitol under a mattress; Insostitol is a chemical compound commonly used in mixing cocaine, the police report states.

As a result, 35-year-old Kristi Pratt, of Apartment 205 at the Heights at Cape Ann, is facing multiple charges, including two counts of illegal possession of a Class B substance/cocaine, illegal possession of the unspecified pills, and possession of a Class B substance with the intent to distribute.

According to Gloucester police, city officers — utilizing a K-9 unit and working with state police, a member of the Drug Enforcement Administration and a criminal justice intern from the North Shore Community College — executed a search warrant at 7:19 p.m. at the Heights, the housing complex off Essex Avenue in West Gloucester.

Police approached Pratt as she was arriving home at Building 2. Officers soon identified themselves and read Pratt her rights, according to the police report.

Pratt admitted to the officers that there were drugs in the apartment.

“When asked where, she stated that we had a K-9 and it was his job to find the drugs,” the police report reads.

Upon that exchange, the K-9 unit — officer Jerome Ciolino and the drug dog Trident — soon found six grams of a white powder in a bedroom dresser, believed to be cocaine. In addition, police seized a small bag of the suspected drug along with nine white pills and one blue pill in a dresser drawer.

In the kitchen, police found eight more grams of what is suspected to be cocaine in a plastic bag stashed in a cereal bar box. Throughout the apartment, there were numerous bags used for packaging and a digital scale in the kitchen, according to the police report.

Police also seized about $777 from Pratt’s pocketbook, and at the Gloucester Police Department, police compared the seized money with money that undercover officers had used to purchase cocaine in a “controlled buy” operation.

Five $20 bills matched the ones police had used in the transactions with Pratt.

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