, Gloucester, MA

April 11, 2013

Woman charged with theft, punching officer

By Marjorie Nesin
Staff Writer

---- — A 43-year-old Gloucester woman, arrested on shoplifting and drug charges, was hit with additonal charges later that same afternoon after she allegedly struck an officer in the face with her closed fist in a Gloucester Police Department holding cell and threatened others as well.

Police arrested Dianne M. Leverich, who resides at the Action Shelter, on Sunday after receiving a report from a Walgreen’s employee Sunday that Leverich allegedly picked up cosmetics and food in the store, but only paid for food. The employee told police that Leverich walked to Homestyle Laundry across Main Street after leaving the store.

Officers found Leverich at the laundromat and she gave an officer a receipt that detailed the food items, but police noticed cosmetic items that were not on the receipt in the bag too. Police also said they found that Leverich had two bags filled with still-tagged clothing items.

In one of the bags, police discovered a pill bottle that contained a pill prescribed to Leverich, as shown on its label, as well as two other pills. Police were unable to identify one of the pills, but the other non-prescribed pill was quietiapine fumarate, police said.

Police charged Leverich with illegally possessing a class E drug after finding the pills, according to the police report.

According to police, when officers arrested Leverich for larceny under $250, she became “unruly.” Police said she began screaming and swearing inside the laundromat, where there were several children and adults. Police transported Leverich by police cruiser to the station, and while she was in the cruiser, police said Leverich threatened to kill the driving officer’s wife, leading to a charge of threatening to commit a crime.

Then, during booking, officers noticed that Leverich took the bottle of pills from her bag of property, police said.

As a female officer entered the holding cell where Leverich was waiting, Leverich removed her pants, sat on the toilet and pulled a pill bottle from her bra, according to the police report. She then dropped the bottle into the toilet in an attempt to discard the bottle and pills down the drain.

At that point, the officer stepped in and restrained Leverich who struggled free and used a closed fist to strike the officer’s face near her eye and forehead.

Police placed Leverich in a cell, retrieved the pill bottle from the toilet and added a charge of assault and battery on a public employee.

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